Will the release of Xbox Scorpio later this year change Microsoft’s luck? Or will they remain trailing in the dust of Sony’s Playstation 4? What will the future of Xbox Hold? James, Josh, and Chris discuss this and more on the brand new show, The Break Room! Casual water-cooler conversation in your face!

We hope you enjoy this new content from The Life of Gaming. If you like what you see, be sure to comment down below!


3 thoughts on “Is Xbox Doomed? – The Break Room

  1. I don’t think the Xbox brand is anywhere near doomed. The One S is a great living room console, especially as a UHD Blu Ray player. The ever growing backwards compatibility library is another great thing (currently enjoying playing through Mass Effect 3 again on the One), and Game Pass has me pretty excited as well. Another thing I’m really loving is Play Anywhere. I love being able to play Xbox games with my Xbox friends from my desktop. It’s a pretty cool thing to be able to do, and I look forward to seeing it grow as the years go on.

    All that said, I bought my first PS4 a few weeks ago (a Pro), and have been enjoying it as well. I’ve never been into the whole numbers thing, I think they both have their benefits and people will buy what makes them happy.

    Lastly, the podcast sounds really nice. Great production, look forward to listening more in the future.



  2. I got rid of my X1 two years ago I think. I’m a PC gamer, but I wasn’t always one. I grew up with the NES and I considered myself a console gamer for many years. I was a huge Xbox fan until the One released and it did nothing for me. When I started PC gaming I didn’t touch my Xbox for almost a whole year. I decided to get rid of it when I realized all of the games were releasing on PC. There’s no point in owning one now in my opinion. I am getting a Pro, and buying a second Nintendo Switch later this year. The Xbox isn’t even on my radar.


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