With the Nintendo Switch launching this Friday, you may be asking yourself, “what games should I buy?” Well, maybe I can help you with that. Here is my list for what I believe are the Top 5 Launch Games for the Nintendo Switch.

5) 1-2 Switch

1-2 Switch is a game that has garnered a lot of controversy. Not only for the name, the price, and for the total number of mini games, but also many believe that it should be a pack-in title. While I do agree with some of that, I feel that if you want to show off what the Nintendo Switch joycons can do, I suggest playing 1-2 Switch.

1-2 Switch is very similar to Wii Sports and Nintendo Land, for the Wii and Wii U, respectively. It shows you examples of how the new hardware works, while simultaneously opening your mind to the many great possibilities the new control input can achieve. The mini games are very reminiscent of games in the Warioware series – full of fun, crazy experiences. If you want to show someone why the Nintendo Switch is unique, look no further than 1-2 Switch.

4) Snipperclips – Cut It Out, Together!

Snipperclips – Cut It Out, Together! is a very unique puzzle game. In this game you must cut each other into different shapes to solve the games many puzzles. It is another great example to show off the versatility of the Nintendo Switch joycons. The controls are simple – moving, jumping and cutting – making this the perfect situation for individual joycon play.

Snipperclips – Cut It Out, Together! is also the perfect game for couch co-op. While the game doesn’t feature any special online modes, this game is great for friends, spouses, children, and more. With the cute animations and simple controls, if you want to get your significant other into gaming, this is the game to do it!

3) Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight is the only game I’ve ever backed on Kick-starter. That’s how much faith I had in this game before it even launched. It was absolutely worth my time and money. I have purchased it for Wii U and Xbox One, and I think I will be buying it again. What makes Shovel Knight so great? The perfect 8-bit emulation of game play that makes us reminisce about our gaming past.

In the game you play as Shovel Knight, a knight with a shovel, and his quest to take down the evil Order of No Quarter. It plays much like Mega Man, where you must take down multiple bosses, such as, Plague Knight, King Knight and Specter Knight. You will be able to purchase this game standalone, purchase the all new Specter of Torment DLC, or buy everything (including all past and future DLC) in the Treasure-trove package.

2) Fast RMX

Fast RMX is the F-Zero game we’ve all been pining for. Fast RMX is the third in a series of racing games created by Shinen Games. You play as a futuristic racing as blazing fast speeds. The hook in this game is that you must make your color with the colored strips on the track. Match the color and you’ll receive a boost, but if you miss it, it will result in a speed penalty.

This new game is a remix of Fast Racing Neo for the Wii U. However, it adds new vehicles, new courses, and new modes. It allows for 8-play online play and 4-playing local play. It even includes a hard mode, which emulates the F-Zero formula. As you drive over the colored strips on the course, it now fills your health instead of giving you a boost. This is an awesome game for newcomers and Fast Racing veterans alike.

1)The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

For this top spot, it could only go to one game – The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. This is the Zelda game we’ve always wanted. It includes a full open world to explore, voice-acting, and no linear direction, akin to the original The Legend of Zelda on the NES. This is the shake-up to The Legend of Zelda the series so greatly needed.

There is my Top 5 games at launch for the Nintendo Switch. What games would be on your top 5? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments down below!


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