Five Night’s At Freddy’s has grown quite the following since it’s release in August of 2014. Since then 3 more games have been created, and a movie based on the lore has been announced. What more could we want from Developer Scott Cawthon? How about an RPG based around the games characters?

Cawthon made the announcement on Steam this week that Fight Night’s At Freddy’s World is on the way. Five Night’s At Freddy’s World is an RPG where you will create your team from the many animatronic characters made famous by the horror series. You will be able to choose between classic, withered, toy, phantom, and nightmare versions of each.

Little else is known about the game, but Cawthon made sure to state that this is not Five Night’s At Freddy’s 5. He feels that particular story was completed with the 4th iteration of the series. He also said that this will not be a horror game.

While no release date has been given, it will available on PC, iOS, and Android devices sometime in the future. A demo will be released before the final game arrives. This is definitely an unexpected turn for the popular series.

Are you ready for more Five Night’s At Freddy’s? How will fans react to the change in genre? Let us know in the comments down below!


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