Halo 5: Guardians is easily the most anticipated game hitting Xbox One this year. With the October 27 release right around the corner, 343 Industries has pulled back the curtain on the production of the game through a blog on Xbox Wire. In the most recent post they confirmed a locked 60fps, but it will be at the expense of the games resolution.

According to Josh Holmes, “60fps gameplay is supported by a new progressive resolution system that allows us to dynamically scale the resolution at which we render the game (up to 1080p) based on the needs of the scene. This enables us to deploy resources where they have most impact across a diverse series of experiences throughout the game while delivering the most visually stunning Halo game ever”. In other words, if there is a lot happening on screen, expect your resolution to take a dip.

Justin Dinges, the games Campaign Environment Art Lead, goes on to explain the importance of this new system. “Ensuring 60fps throughout our play experience has required constant focus. Some sections of a mission might be relatively quiet and achieving 60fps is straightforward, but there are many situations where we dial the intensity up to 11. At those times, we need to maintain 60fps and give players the total experience from both a design and artistic perspective”.


He continues on to say that “Without this system, we would need to either reduce the scale of our most intense combat encounters or lower the quality of content across the game in order to stay at 60 fps at all times. With progressive resolution, we get the best of both worlds: epic scale experiences that look incredible while running at a consistent 60fps.”

So are you ok with the downgrade in resolution to keep the frame rate smooth? Or do you enjoy your games looking their best at all times? Let us know in the comments down below!


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